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wolf games

Wolf is a thrilling, life simulation video game where you would be taking the role of a wolf. In wolf games, the gameplay is broken into two parts – Sandbox mode and Scenario mode. In the first part, you don’t have any prefixed goals, and in the second mode you have to complete particular actions, which can be compared to the quests found in RPGs.

One of the most notable features about wolf games is the educational stuff available in it. Interestingly the game has multimedia including animations and clips on wolves and there is a special section providing information on wolves.

The main goal in wolf games is to survive through the game. You would have to maintain the hunger, health, thirst and stamina of the wolf. All these statuses would be displayed at the bottom. From these statuses, you can also control actions like taking food, drinking or sleeping. The senses can also be controlled and used to your advantage.

In wolf games, the alpha female would leave her pack a couple of months after mating and remain hidden inside the den. The puppies are born after three months and they are named in a unique male, female alternate pattern. The alpha female would remain with the puppies until they are fully grown. Depending upon whether you choose to be the alpha female or another wolf, you can bring meat and feed the babies. This action can be done by clicking the den. You can interact with the pups in two ways. Fully grown puppies would chase away members of the pack.

When it comes to hunting in wolf games, you would find it easier to hunt the injured or the weak animals. A sick or injured animal can be noticed from its limping action. You can chase the prey and when you get closest, click on them. This would tell you whether the kill was a success or not. The nearer the prey is, the higher the chance of making the click. However, if you fail you would fall apart from the prey and there is a chance that you can get injured.

When it comes to eating the prey, you can click ‘A’ and the wolf would enter autoplay mode. It would itself start eating the prey. However, before you initiate this action make sure that you are hungry. Most of the wolves in this game live for around 8 to 9 years. While some get killed by men, others can starve to death.